Rugby councillors agree to push for a 20mph limit outside all schools in the borough

The calls came after a collision involving a pupil

Rugby Town Hall.
Rugby Town Hall.
Rugby Town Hall.

A collision involving a Newbold school pupil has led to renewed calls for 20mph zones around all Rugby schools.

Cllr Jim Ellis (Lab, Newbold and Brownsover) moved a notice of motion - which was subsequently amended by Cllr Wayne Rabin (Con, Newbold and Brownsover) - at last night's (Feb 22) full council meeting of Rugby Borough Council.

He said that while some 20mph areas were in place around the town, a blanket policy was needed.

Cllr Ellis added: “We do have 20mph zones outside some schools but it is inconsistent. What I am asking for is that, because we all care about our children, as a council we adopt RoSPA standards Rugby-wide and not in a specific location.

“We should be addressing these events because they do affect local people. As borough councillors we should lend our voices to Warwickshire County Council and back those rules we actually need.”

He outlined guidance put forward by the charity that aims to prevent accidents, adding: “What I am asking everyone to do here is to look at the RoSPA evidence.

“Data tells us that where cars are travelling at 30mph then eight per cent of those accidents are fatal and where cars adhere to 20mph then one per cent results in a fatality.”

The amended motion read: “Following a recent accident involving a pupil at Riverside Academy in Newbold, we welcome the investigation of 20mph zones by the highway authority to protect school children.

“It must be noted that this incident was not the result of speeding. One of the main challenges for school areas is more volume of traffic and congestion than speed.

“We would request that the council leader writes to Warwickshire County Council as the highway authority supporting its investigation into the benefits of introducing 20mph zones in school areas in line with recommendations from RoSPA while also making recommendations on tackling inconsiderate parking - which creates unnecessary traffic congestion and increases the likelihood of an accident occurring.”

Cllr Rabin said he supported the motion in principle and welcomed the communication proposed. But he added: “It is vital that effective road engineering and robust policing for enforcement go hand in hand to ensure that the zones deliver their full potential.”

Councillors approved the motion and also agreed that a copy of the leader’s letter to the county council be sent to the police and crime commissioner.