Rugby councillors call for action on Leicester Road after driver hurtles through red light and hits schoolboy

Councillors said the chief problem appears to be cars speeding to try to avoid being caught at a red light

Cllrs Sarah Feeney and Ram Srivastava visited the crossing  and found no shortage of aggressive driving and startling pedestrians.
Cllrs Sarah Feeney and Ram Srivastava visited the crossing and found no shortage of aggressive driving and startling pedestrians.

Rugby councillors are calling for better safety measures on Leicester Road after a schoolboy was struck by a driver in an incident which parents have said is all too common.

Speed cameras, an underpass and rerouting pedestrian routes are among the suggestions councillors have following the incident.

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During the first week of December a driver struck a schoolboy and his bike after hurtling through a red light.

The driver then saw fit to speed off without stopping - although fortunately the boy was not injured.

Parents then took to social media to explain that this sort of incident is all too common, and the chief reason they will not allow their children to walk to school if their route includes having to cross Leicester Road.

Alarmed, Cllrs Jim Ellis and Ram Srivastava contacted County councillor Sarah Feeney and arranged a meeting to discuss what could be done.

Cllr Ellis said the meeting included discussions over possible safer routes for children who cross Leicester Road walk to school and considered parental accounts of cars speeding through red lights.

Discussions also included filing for a safety review and to request investment for the route.

Cllr Sarah Feeney said: "Ideally we need speed cameras and monitoring at traffic lights to catch offenders and also we need to consider if the pedestrian routes are too close to roundabouts since drivers are emerging from the roundabout and failing to stop when lights are on red."

Cllr Ram Srivastava said: "In an ideal world, an underpass or pedestrian bridge might also be appropriate, but we appreciate this is an expensive investment - but it should be considered"

Councillors then visited the crossing, finding no shortage of aggressive driving and startled pedestrians.

They said much of the speeding was to beat the lights and agreed that they had to highlight the issues and ask the county council for a review.

Cllr Jim Ellis said: "With the up and coming Avon Mill Roundabout improvements, we need Warwickshire County Council to consider safety upgrades along the route.

"Since they will be streamlining car access, roads and pedestrian routes in one section with the Avon Mill upgrade - we must ask them be more holistic and ensure the Safer School Route is also upgraded to a safe level further down the route."