Rugby's only bus lane put to use, with regular services linking Houlton to the railway station

The service started on August 14
Photo courtesy of RRUG.Photo courtesy of RRUG.
Photo courtesy of RRUG.

Rugby Rail Users Group (RRUG) has welcomed the new bus link from Houlton to Rugby Railway Station, which runs every half-hour most days.

Routes 86 and 96 run via the new road, Houlton Way, with these services being the first use of Rugby’s only bus lane, allowing buses running towards the station to pass queueing traffic and to give people a good chance of catching their train.

The new service started on Saturday, August 14, but there was a snag – the roadworks on Mill Road mean that the Houlton buses are diverted along Clifton Road for the time being.

Nonetheless, RRUG described the services as a big step forward for Rugby’s newest suburb.

RRUG chair Stephanie Clifford said “We know that there is an aspiration to open a train station at Houlton /Rugby Parkway, but realistically this is many years off.

"The fast and frequent bus link from Houlton to Rugby station and town exists here and now, and provides a really welcome increase in connectivity.

"As well as opening up rail services to residents of Houlton, the link will also allow rail passengers to get to Houlton and the new Houlton School."

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