UPDATE: Kenilworth woman discovers burglars in her home

Kenilworth residents are being asked to remain vigilant after a woman discovered burglars in her home in Denewood Way during the early hours of Wednesday February 17.

Police tape
Police tape

She was woken by the noise of the intruders cutting the key barrel of her front door out at around 1am. Upon investigation, she found the burglars in her house. Once they realised they had been discovered, the offenders ran away without taking anything.

The woman did not manage to see the offenders clearly enough to give a description to the police, but Kenilworth SNT beat manager PC Caine Pickering said the police had their own suspects in mind, although enquiries are ongoing.

He also said it was likely the offenders were after the keys to the high-performance car parked on the drive.

He added: “My advice would be if anyone does hear people breaking into their house, they should not attempt to apprehend them but call 999. Cars can be replaced, but people can’t.”


PC Pickering urged residents to set burglar alarms at night, and pointed out the woman in this case only woke up because she heard the sound of the offenders cutting the key barrel out of the door.

Anyone with any information should call Warwickshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 12 of February 17.

This was not the only attempted burglary that occurred last week.

A house in Casita Grove was broken into between Monday February 15 and Sunday February 20 after its conservatory windows were forced open. A safe was ripped from the wall, a handbag containing credit cards was stolen and the keys to the Range Rover parked on the drive were also taken. This refers to incident 199 of February 20.


An attempted burglary also took place in Lindsey Crescent in the early hours of Monday February 21, where offenders tried to enter the house using a crowbar. This refers to incident 154 of February 21. The three incidents are not believed to be linked.