Warwick Castle Eagle Stan still missing

STAN the white-tailed sea eagle remains missing from Warwick Castle but the latest news on his whereabouts is more positive.

The ten-year-old eagle, which has a wingspan of more than 6ft, flew away from the castle during a falconry display on September 6.

There has been various sightings and the castle’s falconers have made several attempts to catch him.

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He was sighted near Badby in Daventry yesterday (Wednesday), at a farm where he was spotted previously.

He may have set up a ‘bird camp’ there.

The falconry team tried to tempt him home with food and set up a ladder to try to climb up and catch Stan, but at around 7.30pm he flew off and has not been seen since.

The team are still in the area looking out for him today (Thursday).

Tim Harrison-Jones, general manager at Warwick Castle, said: “With winter kicking in, the air is becoming colder and food is becoming less available, making it even more important to try and get Stan home as soon as possible.”

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