Warwick district councillor urges men to '˜get tested' following his cancer diagnosis

A Warwick district councillor is urging men to take a test for prostate cancer after he was diagnosed with the disease.
Councillor Noel Butler.Councillor Noel Butler.
Councillor Noel Butler.

Last year councillor Noel Butler took part in a blood test to show support for the Graham Fulford Trust, which was the chosen charity of the then Chairman of the District Council, Cllr Alan Boad.

The Graham Fulford Trust promotes awareness of prostate cancer and assists with early diagnosis through a blood test. Within four days of taking the 
test, Cllr Butler received a letter telling him to contact his GP.

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He then went through a number of tests and scans and the end result was that Cllr Butler was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Sharing his story this week, Cllr Butler said: “Prior to this test I had no symptoms at all and only took the test to show support for the chairman’s charity.

“Had I not done so I may not have displayed any symptoms until it was too late to treat.”

“Following the tests they found that the cancer had not spread into my bones or lymph nodes.

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“When I heard it had not spread I thought I had won the lottery to be honest.”

Following his diagnosis, Cllr Butler is urging men to take the test even if they have no symptoms.

“Men are not great about talking about the sensitive areas but that is what we need to do.

“These tests are quick, non-invasive and potentially lifesaving.

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“I am grateful for the work of The Graham Fulford Trust and would encourage any men aged 45 or over to have this test done at the earliest possible time.

“For the women who read this I have a message; please ensure the men in your life take the test as it is no exaggeration to say it could save their life.”

Cllr Butler also urged for men to take the tests regularly so any changes could be monitored.

Graham Fulford, from the Graham Fulford Trust, said: “It is fantastic for Cllr Butler 
to be named and come forward.

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“This helps spread the word and we wish him well in his treatment.

“Since we started in 2004 we have been involved in 98,000 tests all over the country and found just under 1,400 cancers.

“We urge people who are over 40 – if they have got breast or prostate cancer in the family – to get tested.

“Otherwise we urge men over 45 to come along and take the test.”

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The Graham Fulford Trust holds testing sessions 
every third Thursday of the month at the Nelson Club in Warwick.

The next sessions will take place on August 16, September 20 and October 18 from 6.30pm to 8.45pm.

The trust also run sessions across the UK.

A full list can be found at: https://psatests.org.uk/

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