Whitnash woman's brave leap for charity calender

Amy Care's Stomas Wise calendar photo. TWkPN0GgkGkpzeaUvysYAmy Care's Stomas Wise calendar photo. TWkPN0GgkGkpzeaUvysY
Amy Care's Stomas Wise calendar photo. TWkPN0GgkGkpzeaUvysY
A brave woman from Whitnash has shown off her stoma bag for a charity calendar to inspire others to fight stigma.

Amy Care, who is 27-years-old, suffered with Crohn’s disease for 10 years before she had an ostomy in June 2015, which resulted in her having a stoma bag.

Miss Care, who lives on Dobson Lane, started following charity Stoma Wise on social media after she saw they offered a range of support and products.

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Stoma Wise asked the public to send in pictures for their stoma awareness calendar and Miss Care was one of the many who took the brave leap to send in a photo showing off her stoma bag.

The 27-year-old’s entry was selected as the September month’s picture.

She said: “I am so proud to have been selected and i am really happy. Hopefully the press coverage will help people in the future and help them realise that have a ostomy is not such a bad thing and that you can carry on with your life.

People do view an ostomy as a last resort and a really awful thing but I wish I had this done years ago.”

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Miss Care is proud hat she found the courage to take and submit the picture for the calendar. She said: “I would encourage people to do this if they had the chance.

“It is quite a big thing but I am proud of it and it shows I embrace having a ostomy and I would not take the picture back. I would definitely do it again if it means raising awareness.”

Stoma Wise 2017 calendars are available for pre-order. To pre-order one click here.

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