Be ready to wear a face mask on holiday in Europe - here are the rules in popular destinations

The Costa Del Sol region is the latest holiday hotspot which has made the wearing of face masks mandatory. 

The local Andalucian government announced that it would be following in the footsteps of the likes of Ibiza and Majorca with the new rule. 

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President of the Andalucian Government, Juanma Moreno, explained the move, stating, “Despite the heat, difficulties and limitations, we have to get used to wearing the mask permanently. With the use of the mask, the risk of contagion is reduced to one per cent.”

The move follows a trend around the world, with the UK and the US governments, once dismissive of the protective wear, now encouraging citizens to wear masks in public places. 

Here are the rules on face masks in destinations popular with UK tourists Spain, France and Italy.

What are rules on face mask use in Spain? 

The use of face masks across Spain is obligatory where it is not possible to observe 1.5 metres of social distancing.

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Last week the regional government for the Balearic Islands – Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera – passed a resolution which made the wearing of face masks in public mandatory. 

According to El Pais exceptions are in place for when people are at the beach or pools, when eating or drinking, while practicing sport and while playing a wind instrument. The mask must be worn so it covers the mouth and nose. Flouters of the rules could be issued with a €100 fine.

The Balearic government followed in the footsteps of the Catalonia government which implemented similar measures on 9 July. The whole region is subject to the rule, not just the Lleida which has been subject to its own lockdown. In Catalonia, tourists are still required to wear masks while at the beach or by the pool.

And now those visiting the Andalucian region of Spain must equip themselves with a mask when in a public space. The rules will become mandatory from 15 July, but details on a penalty system for non-compliance have yet to be revealed. 

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What are rules on face mask use in France?

In France it is compulsory to wear face masks on public transport. Shop owners are also able to implement their own rules on whether face mask use is obligatory. 

French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, said the adoption of face mask use in enclosed public space was under consideration. 

He told reporters in French Guiana, "The issue of widening the use and wearing of masks is under a lot of consideration.

"In particular, that would concern as a matter of priority all places - whatever they are - which are enclosed."

Non-compliance could result in a fine of €135.

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What are rules on face mask use in Italy? 

Using masks in enclosed public spaces is mandatory in Italy. 

In the Lombardy and Piedmont regions, which were particularly badly hit by the initial outbreak, mask use is mandatory in all public spaces.

There is no fine system in place for non-compliance.