Boots customers risk losing Advantage Card points in major rule change

Boots has announced that it is changing the terms and conditions of its Advantage Card.

Customers were warned today (31 March) by email of an upcoming rule change coming into effect later this year.

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The change could see some customers losing out on valuable Advantage Card points.

What changes are being made to Boots Advantage Card?

From 20 June 2022, Boots has announced it will be removing Advantage Card points from accounts that have not been used for one year.

Currently shoppers can retain their points without using their cards for two years.

The retailer emailed customers to notify them of these upcoming changes to ensure no valuable points are lost.

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For those with a dormant card, use your Advantage Card in the next couple of months when making a transaction in order to keep your points.

What did Boots say in the email?

In an email to customers on 31 March, Boots wrote: "Hello, Thank you for being one of our valued Boots Advantage Card members.

“Whilst it won’t impact you as a regular Boots shopper, we need to let you know that we’re updating our Boots Advantage Card terms and conditions.

"From 20th June 2022, we will remove Boots Advantage Card points from accounts that haven’t been used for one year, instead of the current two-year period.”

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It added: “As long as you shop with your Boots Advantage Card at least once a year, your points will always be there ready for you to use them.

"You can check your balance online.

“We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon."

At the bottom of the email the company clarified that your Advantage Card must be used in transactions, in-store or on when collecting or redeeming points.

What is the Advantage Card?

The Boots Advantage Card allows you to collect four points for every £1 you spend to treat yourself to the items you love.

You can receive personalised offers through the Boots app.

At the start of the year Boots announced a new discount scheme for Advantage cardholders that will see them eligible for exclusive deals on everyday items in store.

Its ‘Price Advantage’ initiative was trialled last summer and offers up to 50% off selected products.

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