Brits set to abandon New Year's diets on 19th February, new data reveals

It is predicted that Brits will give up their New Year’s resolutions earlier than ever this year - on 19th February to be exact.

Many will find it difficult to stick to their planned resolutions (photo: pexels)

MIST has released new data to encourage Brits to stick with their resolutions. In particular, evidence which is beneficial to health.

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    This is so many do not fall victim to 19th February - or The Big Resolu-shun as they’ve now nicknamed it.


    The most common reported resolutions focus on better health and saving money. With search data showing an upsurge in the word ‘takeaway’ at the beginning of the year, it's easy to see when Brits start falling foul of their good intentions.

    Data from the last five years was analysed to expose a clear trend in when we start losing our willpower and turn to takeaways. This date moves earlier and earlier each year and in 2022 looks set to peak at 19th Feb.

    The dates when Brits were searching for takeaways most often over the past five years were:

    • 2017: 25th Feb
    • 2018: 24th Feb
    • 2019: 23rd Feb
    • 2020: 22nd Feb
    • 2021: 20th Feb


    Having crunched the numbers, MIST concluded that on average Brits will stay strong for 50 days until cracking. Determination has clearly been on a decline in the past 5 years, with Brits lasting 11% longer in 2017.

    Commenting on the data, MIST’s Founder and CEO, Fred Cassman, said:

    “It’s interesting to see that Brits appear to be breaking their resolutions earlier and earlier as the years go by. But with the impact of the pandemic taking a toll over the past three years - who can really blame us?!”

    “However, if your New Year's resolutions will actively improve your health, we want to encourage Brits not to be defeated by 19th February. Try to make small and sustainable changes to your lifestyle to make your goals more manageable and improve your health for good!”