Disney + release date, cast and trailer for new Marvel series Wandavision

As well as trailers for some of this summer’s biggest movies, the Super Bowl brought us some new footage of Disney’s new Marvel spin-offs - Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wandavision.

After the wrap-up of Marvel’s previous small screen adventures, such as Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, this new approach will see characters from the movies have their stories expanded on the small screen.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter in Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s love story, Wandavision.

Is Wandavision an alternate reality? A hallucination? Picture: Disney

What is Wandavision about?

For those who don’t remember, Vision is the android created by Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in Avengers: Age of Ultron while Wanda is the magic-using superhuman who joined the team in that same movie.

The two have been a confirmed item since at least Avengers: Infinity War, having danced around each other in their previous outings.

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Of course, one stumbling block for the new series could be the fact that Vision was killed by Thanos at the end of Infinity War.

Thankfully, the comics have shown plenty of instances in which Wanda’s powers allowed her to overcome petty obstacles like death.

The trailer for the new show seemingly has her doing exactly that – turning their world into a suburban sitcom in which they enjoy a blissful domestic life.

They also appear to have two young children – something which begs further questions given Vision’s robotic origins.

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In the comics, Wanda uses her powers and the devil’s essence to make two children of her own who eventually grow up to be members of the Young Avengers – the crew Marvel have teased as playing a major part in the MCU’s next phase.

Have things really gotten this weird or has Wanda simply been so traumatised by the loss of her lover that she is having a magically-augmented mental breakdown?

Wandavision will hopefully provide some answers.

Who stars in it?

The two main roles will be reprised by the actors that played them in the films – with Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Paul Bettany as Vision.

They will be joined by Kat Dennings, reprising her role from the Thor series as the political science student, Darcy Lewis.

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Randall Park (Always Be My Maybe) will also be re-appearing as the FBI agent Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Teyonah Paris (If Beale Street Could Talk) will be playing Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Captain Marvel’s best friend. A younger version of her previously appeared in that film, played by Akira Akbar.

Kathryn Hahn (Transparent) will also be appearing as the nosy neighbour of the Vision household.

The classic Scarlet Witch costume from the comic books made its first on-screen appearance in the new teaser. Picture: Disney

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When will it be released?

Wandavision was originally scheduled to arrive in March 2021, leaving fans with a pretty long wait until they find out more about the world’s strangest power couple.

However, it has since been announced that the show will actually arrive on the very same day that Disney+ launches in the UK – Tuesday 24 March 2020.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, The i.

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