Joe Biden’s resurgence continues on Super Tuesday – here are all the results so far

Former Obama VP and “no malarkey” moderate Joe Biden looks to have had another good night while progressive firebrand Bernie Sanders remains a frontrunner.

Super Tuesday is widely hailed as one of the most important days on the road to the general election.Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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What is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is the date on which 14 different states – including two of the US’s most populous – and one territory hold their primaries.

There are more delegates in play on this date (1,344 to be precise) than on any other.

A big enough win on Super Tuesday can allow one candidate to gain an insurmountable lead over their rivals.

To win the Democratic nomination outright, a candidate must win 1,991 out of 3,979 delegates, making Super Tuesday absolutely vital, with around a third of the total delegates there for the taking.

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In both 2000 and 2004, one candidate (Al Gore and John Kerry, respectively) won so heavily that, while it was not mathematically impossible for someone to topple them, the chances were so slim that their opponents quit soon after.

On the other hand, a tight Super Tuesday can mean months more of fierce campaigning – such as the prolonged battle between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton in 2006.

What are the 2020 Super Tuesday results?

With the votes still being counted, this year’s Super Tuesday has seen Joe Biden continue his recent revival, winning more delegates than any other candidate.

He won in several key states, including Texas, placing him above Bernie Sanders in the total delegate haul so far, with 453 delegates to Sanders’ 382.

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However, Sanders has also pulled off some impressive results, coming out on top in California – widely seen as the night’s biggest prize.

Elizabeth Warren, the other high-profile progressive candidate in the race, appears to have all but sunk out of the race entirely.

With 50 delegates of her own so far, the gap between her and the contest’s two frontrunners now appears too great for her to have much hope of victory.

The candidate aiming to set up a battle of the billionaires, Mike Bloomberg, has also found his attempts to spend his way to election success thwarted - losing heavily in spite of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent campaigning.After spending an estimated $700 million, Bloomberg’s main success was capturing the hearts of voters in American Samoa.

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Confirmed Results:

Joe Biden: Massachusetts, Arkansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and Texas.

Bernie Sanders: California, Utah, Colorado and Vermont.

Maine is still in play, but Joe Biden is currently expected to win there as well, giving him victory in nine out of the 14 states available.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, The i.

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