Lidl baby toy urgently recalled over choking risk

Lidl has issued the recall over safety fears (Photo: Shutterstock)Lidl has issued the recall over safety fears (Photo: Shutterstock)
Lidl has issued the recall over safety fears (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lidl has announced an urgent recall of their one of its baby toys.

The recall comes after fears that babies and young toddlers could choke on the toy.

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What toy?

The recall is specific to the Playtive Junior wooden elephant gripper toy.

“The rivets on the wheels may become loose and cause a choking hazard for babies and small children,” Lidl said in its recall statement.

How do I know if I have an affected toy?

You can check if your elephant gripper toy is in the affected batch by looking at the IAN code and the model number.

The ones you need to look out for are IAN code 304083 and model number HG04414.

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Lidl stated that only model number HG04414 is affected by the recall and that other Playtive Junior toys do not present the same risk.

The elephant toy went on sale at the German supermarket on 28 March this year.

What should I do if I have a recalled toy?

If you find that you do have a toy which matches the same IAN code and model number, Lidl advises that you stop using it immediately.

Instead, you should take it back to a Lidl store for a full refund. You can do this with or without your receipt.

What to do if your child is choking

The NHS offers a guide on how to help a choking child:

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Try and remove the object causing the child to choke, but only if you can easily see it. Don’t feel around blindly in hopes of finding the offending object as you could make things worse by accidentally pushing it in further.

If the child is coughing loudly, you should encourage them to keep coughing to bring up what they’re choking on - don’t leave them by themselves.

If the coughing doesn’t seem to be helping, or it’s silent, you should get help immediately and assess if the child is still conscious.

The NHS advises that if the child is conscious, but either aren’t coughing or the coughing isn’t helping, then you should use back blows.

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What are back blows?

You should sit down and lay the baby face down along your thighs whilst supporting their head with your hand.

You can give up to five sharp back blows with the hell of your hand in the middle of the back between the shoulder blades.

You can read about more methods for helping a choking child on the NHS website.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News.