Marmite Peanut Butter Smooth is now available in supermarkets - would you try it?

Would you try the concoction from Marmite? (Photo: Marmite)Would you try the concoction from Marmite? (Photo: Marmite)
Would you try the concoction from Marmite? (Photo: Marmite)

Marmite is a simultaneously much loved and much hated British kitchen cupboard classic, with those on either side of the debate telling the other that they’re wrong.

Now, Marmite has a new twist - it has been combined with peanut butter. Would you try out the controversial combination?

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What is Marmite Peanut Butter?

The new concoction from Marmite is exactly what it says on the jar - it’s Marmite combined with peanut butter.

Marmite describes it as “a unique and delicious breakfast spread which will add a new twist to your taste buds”.

Crunchy peanut butter has been mixed with yeast extract, the key ingredient from Marmite, and it is even rich in B vitamins (including B12).

Where can I get it?

If Marmite Peanut Butter sounds right up your street, or you’re just morbidly curious about it, you can grab yourself a jar in a variety of different shops.

Some of the shops you can purchase a jar from include:

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Online reaction

One of Marmite’s unique selling points is that its taster either loves it or hates it - and the same mixed reaction can be said for the new Marmite peanut butter hitting the shelves of Aldi.

One Twitter user wrote, “Sorry, love marmite, love peanut butter, but sticking them together is just wrong”.

Another disagreed, tweeting, “Bought a jar of Marmite peanut butter today, and just had it smothered on a toasted bagel. Only thing I have to ask is, do they do it in a bigger jar, cos this one isn’t gonna last long!”

Somewhere in between the two, people were hesitant, but interested, with one user summing it up by writing, “I’m intrigued by the peanut butter part… But the marmite bit I still don’t know!”

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