Morrisons and Asda have eased restrictions on what customers can buy - here's what's changed

In recent weeks, many supermarkets have placed limits on the number of products customers can purchase - but now rules are relaxing.

Morrisons and Asda are the latest UK supermarkets to ease restrictions placed on the purchase of items during the coronavirus pandemic.

The move follows budget supermarket Aldi's announcement earlier this week that they would be lifting restrictions on the number of items customers could buy in stores.

What are the new rules, and why have they been changed?

Previously, customers at Asda - including those shopping online - were restricted to buying a maximum of three units of any item. This was to ensure that there were enough essential supplies for every customer.

Morrisons had similar limits on the amount of any one item that customers could buy.

However, Asda has now removed limits on chilled products, fruit and vegetables - meaning shoppers are less restricted in what they can buy.

Following suit, Morrisons says it has upped some limits on items from three per customer to four per customer.

In some cases, the supermarket has removed limits altogether in order to make it easier for customers to donate products to food banks in need. Customers will be able to make donations straight after purchasing products in-store, as closed Morrisons cafes are now being used as donation drop-off points.

What are the rules at other supermarkets?

Restrictions remain in place at many other supermarkets, including Sainsbury's, where customers are limited to purchasing three of any grocery item.

In the case of in-demand products, such as soap, UHT milk and toilet paper, customers are limited to the purchase of just two, to ensure there's enough to go round.

At Tesco, customers are also limited to the purchase of three of the same item. The most in-demand products at smaller stores may have a limit of just one per customer.

In addition to this, online shoppers ordering with Tesco are limited to a maximum of 80 products in total.

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