Mums confess all - from bingeing on kids' chocolate to hiding their clothes.....

Ahead of Mother's Day this weekend, mums have owned up to the fibs and foibles they are guilty of at some time or another.

From scoffing their kids' Easter eggs, to pinching their phone charger, or hiding their children's favourite clothes that they themselves don't like, the list goes on.....

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Does eating chocolate make you smarter....

According to a new survey, these are the top 25 'mum sins' committed most regularly;

  1. Pretending to watch your child's favourite TV show but scrolling through social media on your phone - 54 percent
  2. Having a secret stash of treats that your kids know nothing about - 54 percent
  3. Using Google to help your child do their homework - 53 percent
  4. Raiding your child’s sweet stash when they have gone to bed - 48 percent
  5. “Borrowing” money from your child’s piggybank to buy milk or a loaf of bread - 40 percent
  6. Coming up with a made-up answer when your child asks you a tough question - 40 percent
  7. Sneaking veg into their food (grating carrot into pasta sauce) - 40 percent
  8. Polishing off your child's Easter egg when they are at school - 40 percent
  9. Telling your child the walk you are going on is really short (when actually it’s really long) - 37 percent
  10. Pretending you’re going to bed so they do, then sneaking back down to watch TV - 34 percent
  11. Sending your kids to school when they’ve got a cold because you’re too busy top have them at home - 33 percent
  12. Calling your child by their special family nickname in front of their mates - 24 percent
  13. Borrowing their birthday money and forgetting to repay it - 24 percent
  14. Forgetting to organise a costume for World Book Day - 23 percent
  15. Telling your child if the ice cream van is playing music they are out of ice cream - 23 percent
  16. Forgetting non-uniform day at school - 22 percent
  17. Hiding an item of clothing your child loves but you hate - 21 percent
  18. Nicking your child’s phone charger - 19 percent
  19. Telling your children, the smoke alarms are Father Christmas’s spy cameras - 19 percent
  20. Making up an elaborate lie so you don’t have to have their friends over for a sleepover - 17 percent
  21. Pretending the internet is “down” so they can’t go online - 16 percent
  22. Forgetting to wash their PE kit so they go in with muddy shorts - 14 percent
  23. “Losing” their console controller until they’ve done their homework - 14 percent
  24. Following your child’s friends on social media to see what their up to - nine percent
  25. Turning the clocks forward so they go to bed earlier - eight percent

According to the study, the average British mum commits four so-called 'sins' on average each week, so around 208 a year.

However, an overwhelming 93 percent of those polled said it is virtually impossible to parent without telling a few white lies.

In fact, a resounding 95 percent of the women polled said a few mum sins keeps them sane and help to make them a better parent.

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The survey was commissioned by Frankie and Benny’s, who have turned seating space in some restaurants in to fun 'Mothering Sunday Confessional Booths'.

Frankie & Benny'sConfession BoothFrankie & Benny'sConfession Booth
Frankie & Benny'sConfession Booth

Almost seven in ten mums (68 percent) say they confess their mum sins to a couple of other mum friends, while 22 percent talk to their partner.

The 'confessional booths' can be found at the restaurants located on The Strand in London, Printworks in Manchester and Braehead, Glasgow on Mother's Day afternoon (March 27).