Naked Attraction is looking for brave applicants to bare all for new series

Think you'd be able to find love in the buff? (Photo: Channel Four)Think you'd be able to find love in the buff? (Photo: Channel Four)
Think you'd be able to find love in the buff? (Photo: Channel Four)

Modern dating presents a whole host of problems that those before the age of online dating never had to deal with - accidentally swiping ‘no’ on someone you really fancy, people not replying to your messages, and worst of all, when your date turns up looking nothing like their pictures.

If you’d rather say no to all that and try out something completely different, then this opportunity from Naked Attraction is perfect for you.

The show

If you haven’t heard of Naked Attraction before, the premise of the controversial dating show from Channel Four is pretty straightforward.

One person is presented with six naked people hidden in tubes. From their waist up, they are revealed bit by bit in successive rounds, with one person getting eliminated by the chooser.

Finally, once it’s down to just two people, the chooser themselves must bare all and get naked themselves. Someone is picked, and then they go on a (clothed) date to see if there’s any chemistry beyond physical attraction.

It’s hosted by Anna Richardson and the show features a mix of straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual contestants.

Despite drawing in Ofcom complaints for full frontal nudity and being called “the most utterly stupid dating show on TV”, the programme has run for four seasons and is now looking for applicants for its fifth.

How to apply

If you think you’re brave enough to bare all on TV, then to apply, you’ll need to head over to the Channel Four take part page.

You’ll find a link to an online application form that you’ll need to fill out.

You’ll need to fill out the standard application questions you’d expect, like your name, email address, phone number, home address and birthday.

You’ll also need to provide your occupation, gender and sexual orientation too.

In the next stage of the application, you’ll need to take a few sentences to describe why you want to be on Naked Attraction.

Then upload a recent picture of yourself, and share your social media handles, like your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat before you submit.


As to be expected considering the nature of the show, all applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Applicants also need to be legal residents of the UK.

The terms and conditions for the show can be found online here, and include certain agreements like:

If you are shortlisted for the show, you agree to undergo a psychological assessment by an independent psychologistYou’re not currently, or have been previously, employed by any company within the All 3 Media Group or Channel Four. You also agree that you’re not a partner or relative or someone who is currently employed by an All 3 Media Group company or Channel 4You must disclose any criminal convictions, pending criminal prosecutions or if you’ve been the subject of an official police caution prior to taking part in the showYou agree that you will not divulge any information in relation to the selection process or the filming of the show without written consent from the production company

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