People in the UK tend to ‘hit the wall’ at around 2.17pm in the afternoon

A study of 2,000 adults found 61 per cent experience an afternoon lull at some point in the week, lasting for an average of one hour and 12 minutes each time.

Hitting its peak on hump day, the nation is around twice as likely to feel its effects on a Wednesday (16 per cent) than Thursday (9 per cent) or Friday (9 per cent), with the lull at its lowest over the weekend (2 per cent).

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In a bid to get out of the slump, 72 per cent seek out the company of loved ones, while another 17 per cent get a pep talk from friends or family.

And 14 per cent will reach for a snack.

Beating the afternoon slump

Following the study, commissioned by LU, the French biscuit brand has teamed up with TV presenter, Fred Sirieix, to bring the popular French snacking tradition of ‘Le Goûter’ to the UK, to transform the afternoon lull.

Speaking about his childhood days in France where he often enjoyed a ‘Le Goûter’ - the perfect afternoon treat shared with a loved one – in a video, Fred said: “I don’t think there is an equivalent here? But we should change that.

“You’d sit down with a bowl of hot milk or tea, for me it was hot milk and chocolate, and some biscuits before starting your homework.

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“Growing up, food was fundamental. We used to gather around the table and my mum and dad, who are excellent cooks, would rustle up a three-course meal every single day, it was incredible.

“I’m really pleased to be working with LU to introduce the French concept of ‘Le Goûter’ this side of the channel – a snack with some oh la la, set to transform your afternoon.”

Charlotte Parkes, Senior Brand Manager at LU, said: “Who better to demonstrate French passion than Fred Sirieix – someone who not only embodies it himself but whose love for LU began in his childhood and has remained unwavering since.

“We all know how special it is to spend time with our nearest and dearest and our new research truly highlights how much it can give us that little extra oomph – especially as the dreaded afternoon slump is common for so many.

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