This is how to turn 26 days of annual leave into 55 days in 2021

Hard workers can make their holiday allowance go further by targeting weeks with bank holidays (Shutterstock)
Hard workers can make their holiday allowance go further by targeting weeks with bank holidays (Shutterstock)

With holidays abroad in 2020 all but cancelled, holidaymakers will likely be looking to make the most of their holiday allowance in 2021. 

And one online travel booking platform is making sure workers’ annual leave goes further, allowing for longer trips, as well as an opportunity to put the woes of the year before behind them.

Studying the positioning of English and Welsh bank holidays the team at Much Better Adventures has worked out how employees can “hack” their work calendar and turn 26 days of annual leave to 55 days off work. 

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    Here’s how it works.


    When to book off

    March and April

    Those hoping to jet off in 2021 could enjoy a sixteen day stretch of holidays if they strategically book off two four day slots over March and April.

    Much Better Adventures recommends taking off 29 March to 1 April, and 6 to 9 April.This would allow travellers a run of 16 days off, from 27 March to 11 April.


    Days booked off: 8

    Consecutive days off: 16

    May and June

    As summer gets underway, travellers could embark on an adventure to a long-haul destination by booking just eight days off. 


    By booking 4 to 7 May and 1 to 4 June off, exhausted workers can take advantage of the placing of May bank holidays and could enjoy two separate blocks of extended time off work from 1 to 9 May and 29 May to 6 June.

    Days booked off: 8

    Consecutive days off: 18

    August and September


    Sunseekers can ensure that they aren’t let down by the often disappointing British summer by booking off four days and ensuring a run of nine days off. 

    Simply book off 31 August to 3 September and enjoy a block of nine days off from 28 August to 5 September.

    Days booked off: 4

    Consecutive days off: 9 



    By December, workers will be down to the last vestiges of their holiday allowance - but Much Better Adventures has ensured that just six days booked off can mean a run of 12 days away from the office. 

    Simply book off 22 to 24 and 29 to 31 December 29, take advantage of the Christmas bank holidays and ensure 12 days out of the office, from 22 December to 2 January. 

    Days booked off: 6


    Consecutive days off: 12

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