Wendy’s is opening in the UK - but what’s on the menu?

Wendy’s is opening in the UK - but what’s on the menu? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Wendy’s is opening in the UK - but what’s on the menu? (Photo: Shutterstock)

American fast food chain Wendy’s is set to open new UK branches, though this isn’t the first time the brand has opened its doors here.

The move sees Wendy’s attempt to break into the UK market, 20 years after its first effort faltered.

The brand will join the likes of Five Guys, Taco Bell, and Shake Shack, which all crossed the pond over the last 10 years to join the UK market.

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    Where are they opening?


    Two locations have been confirmed so far, with Reading and Oxford playing host to the fast food chain.

    London sites are also currently being looked into as well, according to Big Hospitality.

    The last existing UK Wendy’s branch closed in 2000, but through the 1990s there were 10 locations across the country, including two in London.


    What’s on the menu?

    Wendy's is famous for its square burger, which the fast food chain says gives every bite a bit of burger and not just roll.

    The Baconator is another signature menu item. The burger features a half pound fresh beef patty, American cheese, six pieces of crispy Applewood smoked bacon, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

    The company is also known for its milkshakes and spicy chicken nuggets.


    More than 6,000 branches across the US

    Wendy’s is famed for its viral Tweets, including one notable encounter where teenager Carter Wilkinson tweeted the brand for a year’s worth of free nuggets, and ended up posting the most retweeted comment in Twitter's history.

    The chain opened its first branch in Ohio in 1969, and now holds more than 6,000 sites across the US. The Reading restaurant marks the group’s first European opening, ahead of reported plans to operate more than 1,500 international outlets.