Father’s Day UK gift ideas 2023: best presents for Dad, including personalised, unusual and sporty options

Father’s Day UK gift guide - the best presents for every Dad Father’s Day UK gift guide - the best presents for every Dad
Father’s Day UK gift guide - the best presents for every Dad | Father’s Day UK gift guide - the best presents for every Dad

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Stumped for a present for your Dad? From the ideal fishing knife set, to a craft beer subscription, here are the best gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day may seem sentimental and a touch cheesy, but it is the perfect occasion to show the father figure in your life how much you care for him with a thoughtfully selected present. The only issue? Coming up with a great idea for a gift.

Of course, there’s a huge difference between what one man’s idea of the perfect father’s day gift is and another - they may be a sports lover, a foodie, an avid reader, an adventurer, a gardener - or a mixture of all of the above - making the selection of a perfect present deeply personal.

Fret not. We’ve scoured the internet to find the ideal gift for every kind of man, from a Lego set, to a nifty drone for gadget lovers, chocolates, to a lush skincare set.

How we chose 

Opting for quality over novelty, we made sure our selection came from reputable brands that genuinely care about their products, so there’s no chance of the gift ending up in the skip when you’re back is turned, or gathering dust in the attic.

We wanted to ensure the gifts would bring a smile to the face of the recipient - even if he’s notably particular about his interests.

Prices vary, from reasonably priced but delectable chocolates, to a more spendy - but sure to please - pizza oven. Each option offers value for money, though.

The best Father’s Day gifts for 2023 are:

Sodastream E-Terra Electric Sparkling Water Maker

If you had a soda stream machine in your youth, allow me to say, they have come on leaps and bounds. This electric model is fabulous - allowing three different levels of carbonation (if you’re picky about your bubble ratios) for lovely, consistent results.

It’s been a game-changer in our household - perfect for alcohol free days, when we fancy some refreshing sparkling water or a fizzy apple drink. However when moods are high and celebrating is on the agenda it also serves to help make fabulous mojitos, spritzes and Tom Collins.

Ardbeg 10 Year Old

After a lovely dram for your whisky loving da? Ardbeg 10 Year Old will please any whisky fan with a taste for a smoky drop.

It’s a fabulous Islay whisky, a warming drink with a smoky, buttery taste and a hint of salinity.

It has a surprisingly fruity nose, too. In short - it’s a smooth, not too fiery whisky.

Chateau d’Esclans: The Beach Rosé by Whispering Angel

Real men drink rosé, and if your father is an oenophile then the crisp drink, with its ballet-slipper hue, is ideal for summer celebrations.

This new rosé, from Whispering Angel, who are the experts in the field, is perfect for warm summer evenings sat outside. At £15, it’s pricey enough to stand out as ‘special’ without being ruinously expensive.

As to the drink - it’s a gorgeous summer tipple, slipping down easily, with a silky texture, lightly fruity aroma, and bracingly dry finish. Fresh and creamy.

Cuda Knife and Sharpener Set

If you know a gent who loves heading out fishing, this knife and sharpener set is ideal, with four purpose-specific knives contained in an easy-to-carry case.

The knives do everything you need to catch and fillet fish, and are ruthlessly sharp - though if they dull, there’s a sharpener in the case that will restore them to their former glory.

Contents: Titanium Bonded German 4116 Stainless Steel Knives

Includes: 2.5″ Bait Knife (18834), 6″ Fillet Knife (18831), 6″ Curved Boning Knife (18833), 9″ Chunk Knife (18830), Sharpener & Case

LEGO I am Groot

Some people never grow out of loving LEGO (and why should you?) and this adorable ‘I Am Groot’ set is ideal for a dad who loves the Guardians of the Galaxy - particularly if their child does too. An ideal team project.

After building the adorable character, you can make him ‘dance’ to his favourite tunes.

Drive experience by track days

Dad a petrolhead? This will be a total joy.

Drive experience by Track Days allows a licensed drive to step behind the wheel of some of the world’s fastest (and seriously gorgeous) cars on a high speed race track.

There are a range of cars avaliable - from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Aston Martins - for him to ride, at race tracks up and down the UK, so you’ll be able to find one near to you. Prices vary but start at £35. Vroom vroom!

Arket Men’s Cotton Pyjamas

Stylish, classic comfortable.

These are the ideal PJs, made by ever-so-cool Swedish brand Arket, from cool, breathable cotton, with a subtle pinstripe design.

The bottoms are avaliable to buy here.

Ooni Fyra 12

Help your gent seriously up his pizza game with a brilliant pizza oven.

The keenly-priced Fyra 12 runs on wood pellets like those used in pellet barbecues, weighs just 10kgs and comes with a 12-inch baking stone.

A fabulous ‘starter’ pizza oven - ideal for feeding a small family or a pizza party. Cooks 12” pizzas in 90 seconds and is an absolute doddle to use.

Nordal Black Indian Metal Planter With Legs

If your father has a green thumb, this handsome indoor planter will allow him to practice his gardening skills and exhibit his handiwork indoors.

Made by Nordic brand Nordal, it is understated in its elegance and easy to move.

Size: Height: 60.0cm, Diameter 31.50cm

Material: Metal

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

If your father is a bit stressed out, or an active man whose muscles need some TLC, this Foot Massager will be a delight to his weary feet.

Made from durable wood, it’s ideal for offering immediate, soothing relief, particularly to plantar fasciitis sufferers. Run your feet across it and it works a neat treat to relieve pain, stiffness and tension.

Bee Kind Family Favourites

This is gorgeous, and ideal if you have a father who like a decent scent (but don’t have a huge budget to spend)

The dominant scent of this hand wash/ shower wash duo is divine orange blossom, a heady summer scent that isn’t feminine, like a floral, but not too heavy for the warmer weather.

The formulation is made with fair trade organic honey and sun-ripened Italian and Mexican oranges, which help soften skin. Just lush. Oh, and 3% of sales from Bee Lovely go to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Global Ukon Chef's knife

The award-winning knives brand Global has been wooing chefs and cooks for years with their stylish knives by Yoshikin in Japan.

They liken their craftsmanship to Samurai sword-making, and these knives are sharp indeed.

The finely honed blade made with their own stainless steel Cromova 18 is ground on both sides and at an acute angle that slips seamlessly through meat, fish, vegetables and even the ripest tomatoes.

The knife is light and carefully weighted, making it effortless to use.

If the knife seems expensive, it is one of the sharpest and finely designed commercial chef knives out there should last a lifetime.

DJI Mini 2

Has your dad always had his eye on a photo drone? The DJI Mini 2 is the perfect option - a great entry-level drone at a reasonable price. With a powerful lens for capturing aerial photos and video in stabilised 4K, it can be controlled by a phone.

The DJI app works well, everything functions excellently without glitches, and we were up and running in less than 10 minutes.

The built-in gimbal works really well and we were also impressed with the flying time – nearly 30 minutes of continuous use.


Socks? For Father’s Day? How novel, you may cry.

But these Star War Socks are a cut above for any fan of the space opera.

A five-pack of SOCKSHOP Disney Star Wars Heroes Yoda, Chewbacca, C-3P0, R2-D2 and Han Solo Socks made from a cotton rich blend of fibres - he can mix and match his favourite characters.

Tony's Chocolonely Rainbow Chocolates, Pack of 6

Oo lordy, these are delicious. Tony Chololonely is something of a cult concern among chocolate connosseuirs for good reason: they’re delicious. This FairTrade friendly 6 pack of their best flavours will delight any dad with a sweet tooth.

James Bond 007 Scalextric Set

If you’re after a gift that offers interactive fun for you and your Dad, nothing beats an old-fashioned Scalextric Set - the original, and the best, for living-room floor race car driving. This set offers the added, fabulous fun of being able to race the classic 007 Aston Martin - the coolest of the cool movie cars.

  • Set includes an Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin V8
  • Features over 3.5metres of track, with 9 track layouts which includes a ramp the new lap counter booby trap track piece
  • Speed limiting hand controllers
  • This set is battery operated. Battery Requirements: 6 x AA
Triton Flexx 2.0

A BBQ in summertime is one of life’s simplest, greatest pleasures - and this is a fabulous one. Landmann always make premium barbecues, and the Triton Flexx 2.0 is no exception.

We love the grill - it utilises what they call ‘power thermal spreading’ to ensure even heat distribution. It makes for a great cooking experience - you can control the temperature easily, gas is used efficiently, and there are no cold spots on the grill.

The storage cupboard is fabulous, too.