Halloween costumes UK 2022: adult outfits for all budgets, from Catwomen, Squid Game, to Top Gun’s Maverick

Halloween costumer ideas for men and women 2021Halloween costumer ideas for men and women 2021
Halloween costumer ideas for men and women 2021 | Shutterstock

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Halloween is fast approaching - but there’s still plenty of time to get the perfect costume sorted for October 31

There’s a range of outfits available, including plenty of costumes which have next day delivery options, as well as easy all-in-one outfits, so you can look scary super quickly.

Below you’ll find a variety of some of the best men’s and women’s costumes on offer for Halloween - whether you want to imitate some of the best-known villains from books and the small and big screen or create your own terrifying persona.

There’s something to suit every budget and body type too.

If you want even more choice, these are the most popular adult Halloween costumes for this year.

To get the children looking their beastly best for the occasion too, check out our guide to the best children’s Halloween costumes.

To make sure your home is ready to haunt your guests too, make sure you take a look at our round-up of the best indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations.


If you’re looking to become the most powerful being in all of the ocean, you need look no further than Ursula.

This is an exclusive officially licensed Little Mermaid product.

The costume includes a long-sleeved, mesh shirt that gives you a lovely lavender look. The dress features a shiny sequin top with a black skirt that hugs your hips and turns into lace down your legs.

Bring the wonder of the waves when you inflate the wrap-around skirt to gain the writhing tentacles of your favourite witch.

Cruella De Vil Costume

If truly scaring people is your goal, this Cruella de Vil costume for you.

It features a slick black dress that’ll suit an evil fashionista quite perfectly. You’ll also get long red gloves, a white faux fur stole, and a wig with that black and white hair that we all know and love.


Who doesn’t fancy themselves as a Ghostbuster? Halloween is the perfect excuse to become one.

This jumpsuit zips up the front and it has both faux and real pockets scattered throughout.

It has nametags with the name Venkman, Spengler, Stantz, and Zeddermore so that you can choose your character directly from the original film.

Top it off with the colorful proton pack and you’ll be ready to take on any spirit that comes your way.

Priced between £48.99 and £62.99, depending on the size.


Halloween costumes don’t have to imitate a particular character from a TV show, film or book to be a success.

You’ll definitely give people a fright with this outfit, and better yet you can create your own story to go along with it.

This creepy costume features the shirt, collar, belt, part of wrist cuffs, hat and mask.

Priced between £39.99 and £48.99, depending on the size.


This plus size plague doctor costume comes with everything you need to look like a doctor of the Dark Ages.

It comes with a black robe and a matching black smock collar. The belt has various pouches on it and a fastener in the back. The hood covers the head and the mask fits over the hood.

The mask fits with an elastic band and is made out of molded vinyl and is designed to give you the long beak the plague doctor was known for. The eyes have mesh openings too so you will have good vision.

The black hat has a wire brim and fits on your head above the mask. Just put the included gloves on and you’ll look ready to tend to the sick - or give people the fright of their lives.


Rag doll Sally is one of the most lovable characters in Tim Burton’s classic Halloween film ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ and so dressing as her for the scariest night of the year seems fitting.

Her classic patchwork is replicated in a dress that has a satiny texture with cut out shoulders and a chic, asymmetrical hem.

You’ll be able to fully transform when you put on the stitched up leggings and long fingerless gloves. Slip on a Sally wig (included) and paint your face and you’ll be ready to take your place in Halloween Town.

Priced between £88.99 and £101.99, depending on the size.


Perfect for Halloween, this costume is easy to wear thanks to the lightweight stretch material it is made from.

The costume might have been designed to look scary, but it is cut to a flattering fit and the lace adds Gothic chic.

The pack includes the dress and hat. Finish your look with some face paint, or just some heavy eye make-up.

Available in sizes 8 to 22, and priced between £25.49 and £33.99 depending on the size.


The Joker is one of the best known supervillains and, of course, the archenemy of Batman so if you want to spend Halloween dressed as one of the evilest characters out there then this outfit is a strong choice.

The pack comes with the suit and the mask so you have everything you need to quickly transform yourself in to one creepy character and get on with enjoying the Halloween celebrations.


This velvet-feel soft figure hugging black dress is great because you could easily make it the basis of so many character outfits, depending on how you style it.

For example, you could transform yourself in to Morticia Addams, a vampire, a witch, a haunted bride . . . the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

This also means that it’s easy to use year after year, but if you pair with different accessories then nobody will know.

Available in sizes S to XL.


This is a lightweight and breathable costume which is perfect for those who either want a classic scary look, or don’t have much time to get ready for the Halloween party.

The hooded robe has a detachable face veil so you don’t have to feel the need to conceal your face all night long, unless you really want to stay in character.

The pack also comes with the scythe so you have everything you need to have a really good fright night.


This is an adult women’s gothic nun costume and it will be delivered on or before October 31, so you can order now with peace of mind and know your costume will be ready for the creepiest night of the year.

It’s easy to wear thanks to stretch material, so no matter what time the package arrives you can be ready to scare in no time at all.


This Harley Quinn outfit is an officially licensed Warner Bros. / DC Comics costume item.

Order today for delivery on or before Halloween.

This is a striking red pullover dress which has multiple uneven layers of sparkly tulle, so it’s pretty on it’s own but - when paired with some fake blood and it can turn from beautiful to unnerving in super quick time.


Take all the faff out of dressing for Halloween this year, but keep all the freakishness.

This is a full body breathable zippered suit with tuxedo style outfit. It has a spooky faceless head covering with vampire black hair too - but don’t worry you’ll be able to see through it. The question is will people know it’s you behind the mask?

It also comes with a detachable long length black cape with a blood red underside and a large stand up collar

If you pay £3.70 delivery, you will get this outfit ready for Halloween by Saturday, October 30.


In Squid Game, each of the 456 players in the game is assigned a unique number from 001 to 456.

For example, the protagonist, Gi-hun’s player number is the last number, 456, while Il-nam’s player number is the first number, 001.

With this outfit, you can dress like one of the competitors yourself, and choose between five character’s numbers.

It has everything you need; the tracksuit top, tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

The best thing about this costume, of course, is once you have worn it to your themed party you can still wear it when you are relaxing at home so it will get plenty of use.

Smiffys Officially Licensed Top Gun Costume, Green,

Take everyone’s breath away and channel Tom Cruise’s most iconic role with this all-in-one Maverick costume from Maverick.

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