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February 16, 1918

Letter to the editor: Can anything be done for the peacefulness of the inhabitants of New Bilton on Sundays, particularly those in the vacinity of the Sunday Schools? The behaviour of the scholars is a perfect disgrace. Prior to entering the schools to be taught how to respect the Sabbath you will find them playing ‘touch’. You would think it a farce to open school at all as their thoughts must be far away from Biblical subjects. Yours faithfully ONE OF THEM

February 16, 1968

It was confirmed this week that in-patient facilities for ear, nose and throat patients at the Hospital of St Cross will be transferred to Coventry when the new hospital at Walsgrave is completed. Despite objections from the Rugby Medical Board, Group 20 Hospital Management Committee have approved the move and will soon be considering the future of St Mary’s Maternity Hospital, Harborough Magna. A tentative suggestion to move the children’s ward from St Cross has been strongly objected to and it has been said this is definitely a non-starter.

February 11, 1993

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College officials have banned staff from smoking in most of the buildng. Smokers are being helped to kick the habit by a support group set up at East Warwickshire College. Smoking has been banned in all but a few designated areas at the college in Lower Hillmorton Road, after a survey of all full time and part-time staff. Complaints about the dangers of passive smoking led to the new ban - introduced last month. A working party spent more than a year looking at the issues.

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