BADMINTON: Britannic Tournament

Wins for Hunters and Nomads

Hunters 1:  Phil Pelton, Wing To, Steve Turner and Callum Gallagher
Hunters 1: Phil Pelton, Wing To, Steve Turner and Callum Gallagher



Rugby & District Badminton Association held it’s Britannic Assurance Tournament at the Rugby School Sports Centre last Sunday. The 14 teams of four players were split into two groups, Group A being regular league players and group ‘B’ being some players from the league and many ‘social’ players.

The groups would play a ‘Round Robin’ basis, where each team would play the other six in the group, so a total of 84 games of badminton through the day.


Handicaps were allocated to individuals at the start of the event and modified during the day, dependant upon the scores achieved in previous games played.

The winners of each group would be decided by the total number of points gained during the six matches each team had to play.

Teams were entered from various clubs within Rugby, Lutterworth, Hinckley and Leicester. The event drew many spectators throughout the day, which started at 10am and completed the final game at 4pm. The results proved that anyone had a chance of winning this event.

Overall winners of Group B were a team made up of spare players from other clubs


1st Nomads 463, 2nd Crescent 460, 3rd QDJC 1 455, 4th Hunters 4 443, 5th Hunters 3 437, 6th Harris 393, 7th QDJC 2 352.

Nomads Team: Audrey Deeley, Ruth Singleton, Parth Joshi and Paul Johnson.

In Group A the event resulted in a dead heat at the end of the scheduled games

1st Trinity 1 467, 1st Hunters 1 467, 3rd Trinity 2 460, 4th St Philips 1 454, 5th Lutterworth 439, 6th Hunters 2 430, 7th St Philips 2 407.


A final one-game play-off between Trinity 1 and Hunters 1 ended with Hunters winning the game 21 - 17. So the trophy was presented to Hunters 1

Hunters 1 team: Phil Pelton, Wing To, Steve Turner and Callum Gallagher

A great day’s badminton for all concerned and all looking forward to the next planned event in November.

Mark Hope,


RDBA Chairman