Tribute to Dick Turpin is there for all to see at the Tourist Information Centre

Warwick mayor Moira-Ann Grainger was on hand to see the final leg of Adrian Bush’s quest to get a tribute to boxer Dick Turpin housed in the town.

The painting by Paul Oz, which was unveiled two weeks ago, has been given a permanent home in the Tourist Information Centre in Jury Street.

Turpin, the elder brother of world champion Randolph, blazed a trail in British boxing by breaking the colour bar and went on to win the British and Empire middleweight titles.

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Pictured with Grainger and Bush, right, are Edwin Cleary, whose boxing club’s shows helped raised funds for the painting and major sponsor Eddie Fitzpatrick.

Meanwhile, Cleary’s ABC’s Danny Quartermaine will join up with the England select squad in good heart after a points victory over Leicester Unity fighter Radar Aziz in Birmingham.

Aziz was simply unprepared for Quartermaine’s all-action style and had to resort to spoiling tactics to survive to the final bell.