Doyle brings up the 200 in Leamington

Paddy Doyle admitted to being a little teary-eyed as he wrote his name into the record books for the 200th time.

The Balsall Common endurance athlete completed his latest record - a 26-mile speed march carrying a 60lb backpack - at the Leamington Courier offices in Hamilton Terrace on Monday.

And despite being accompanied by three paras from his former regiment, the 45-year-old said his tough-guy facade slipped a little during the final 100 yards.

“It was the perfect end to have my daughter there for the completion of my 200th record,” said Doyle, who is father to two-month-old Tabitha.

“I was filling up near the end - I softened up a little.”


Doyle’s trek around the outskirts of Kenilworth and down the Grand Union Canal was made extra difficult by heavy overnight rain.

A twisted ankle 12 miles in further hindered his progress, while a fall in the Shrewley Tunnel, which he put down to a lack of concentration, caused him to scrape skin off his left kneecap, further testing his resolve.

But, with a strong support team around him, Doyle picked up the pace over the final few miles to complete his march in seven hours 51 minutes.

Doyle, who received a diploma to mark his achievement on behalf of the Record Holders Republic, said there was little chance to rest on his laurels, with a celebratory drink being following by a lengthy bout of stretching on Tuesday morning.


“I’m already planning my next record,” said Doyle, who is chasing Paul Woodland’s mark of 29 records in a calendar year.

“I’ve got ten to do in the next six months. I can’t afford to rest.”

Doyle expects his next challenge to be an assault on his own Guinness one-arm push-up record.

Last year, he achieved 26 in one minute using a designated arm while carrying a 40lb backpack.