Doyle is a five-minute hero

Paddy Doyle claimed his 254th fitness endurance record in style at the BBC Studios in Birmingham as part of the UK-wide Olympic Local Leaders events.

With the support of the general public and BBC staff, Doyle achieved a series of fitness challenges in a five-minute period without rest breaks.

In the first minute, the Balsall Common athlete completed 20 strict back-of-the-hand push-ups and then went on to record 42 step-ups (two minutes), 27 squats (one minute) and 22 alternative squat thrusts (one minute), all while carrying a 40lb backpack.

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Doyle now plans to take time away from record-breaking after a hectic 12 months.

“It was a tough record as I had only achieved the static abdominal exercise record five days earlier carrying a backpack weighing more than 100lb,” said Doyle.

“A big thank-you goes to the Olympic Local Leaders suppport team of Vince Brereton, Carl Brown, Paul Jones and Nigel Perry who pushed me all the way.

“My intention is to have a short break as I have had a challenging year, breaking 26 official strength, speed, stamina records.

“I would also like to thank my partner Deborah for her ongoing support.”