Racing Club Cop another defeat to remain in the mire

Racing Club Warwick are six points adrift at the foot of the Premier Division table after slumping to a 4-2 defeat at Coventry Copsewood.
Tony Clarke MHLC-01-12-12 Hibs Racers Dec8Tony Clarke MHLC-01-12-12 Hibs Racers Dec8
Tony Clarke MHLC-01-12-12 Hibs Racers Dec8

Racers went three goals down but switched to three at the back and pulled it back to 3-2 courtesy of goals from Chris Sly and Aaron Dillon.

However, Copsewood added a fourth on the break to consign Racers to their 20th defeat of the campaign.

Racing Club boss Tony Clarke felt his side had the better of the game but pointed to familiar failings at both ends for the defeat.

“There are three main and only differences between Racing Club Warwick and all the other teams in this league,” said Clarke.

“We concede more and we don’t score enough.

“And it’s also having players who give 100 per cent week in, and week out.

“Sadly we have fallen short in all three areas.”

Racers entertain Earlswood Town tomorrow and Clarke believes that despite their poor run of form, a win is just around the corner.

“It was a lot better than recent weeks and we will keep going right up to the final whistle. There are points on the way, we just have to keep believing and being positive.”

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