Your memories: Do you remember one of Warwick's oldest football clubs, Avon Rovers?

Here are some photos and memories from the successful club

Avon Rovers 1978-79.

Avon Rovers were one of Warwick's oldest teams.

Their name was changed in 1921, having previously been known as Avon Villa.

Few details remain of the club's records until the outbreak of the war but they reformed in 1948 with Alf Aston as secretary and entered the Leamington leagues, winning the championship.

Avon Rovers 1960-61

The majority of the players had long spells at the club, creating a family atmosphere.

Tom Coney took over as secretary in 1954, holding the position until 1966.

The 1960/61 season proved to be their best season when they won the league championship, the Stockton Charity Cup and were runners-up in the Leamington Junior, Leamington Charity and Friends of Warwick Hospital Cups.

In 1964 they moved to the Coventry and North Warwickshire League and in 1966 they won the Leamington Charity Cup.

Avon Rovers 1983-84

In 1969 they gained promotion but then moved to the Stratford Alliance in 1975/76. before going back to the Leamington League.

The following season they won the Aston Villa Cup and then were league champions and Leamington Junior Cup winners in 1978/79. Much of this success was down to the goalscoring exploits of Steve and Cliff Mancini.

Tony Dyer - was involved with the club from 1976 until 1986 as both manager and secretary, takes up the story from here.

He said: "In the 1982/83 season, they continued in the Coventry and North Warwickshire League Division 1 which was a barren season.

"Into 1983/84 and they got to the final of the Joe Burnell Cup.

"1984/85 was a close fought battle to win promotion when they finished third behind Bishop Tachbrook and Meadway Rovers but were promoted to the Premier Division.

"1985/86 proved a hard season and struggled against better teams but did get to the final of the George Dutton Cup.

"Notable achievements in my ten years being involved as manager and secretary and manager again was the loyalty of some players with three of them playing over 200 games, namely

Steve Mancini playing 286 and scoring 158 goals; Phil Haycock playing 214 scoring 107; Kevin Dyer playing 233 and scoring 23.

"There where another four player played over a hundred games and they were Mark Benton who played 177 scoring 20, brother Neil played 176 scoring 15, Ronnie Feasey, who started in goal played 157 and scored 12 and last of all Cliff Mancini played 104 who scored a total of 100 goals."

Avon Rovers finished as a club in about 1988.

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