How Southam 
college took shape

Southam College enjoyed a trip down memory lane when the architect who designed its extensions went back to school for the day.

Tony Partington was working for the Warwickshire County Architects Department when he was appointed to undertake extensions at Southam High School in 1972.

These extensions included a sports hall, a changing block and additional classrooms. Mr Partington recalls this contract as being worth approximately £278,000.

Mr Partington told the pupils that he was placed in the high school sector, but his first project was adding extensions to Harbury Primary School.

Evidencing just how times have changed, Mr Partington remembers calling in for petrol at Cubbington during the same year. The price of petrol had just increased to £1 for a gallon, and he says he wondered how he could possibly afford it at such a price, having purchased a three-bedroom detached house for £11,995!

In 1974-75, Mr Partington prepared drawings for the second phase of Southam High School, mainly consisting of a sixth form/adult education area at the front of the building, and a bus turning area.

He recalls this contract, which was completed for the September term of 1976, as being worth approximately £303,000.

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