Bowlers playing the Generation Game aged from 11 to 90

Warwickshire win annual fixture with Gloucestershire

Jacob Green, 11 in action

Report: Jenny Corn Photographs: Carol Norton

The Generation Game at Stratford

Bowls is probably one of the few games where it doesn’t matter whether you are 9 or 90 you can play and compete equally as well. When Warwickshire met Gloucestershire for its annual fixture with the County Men this was proved unequivocally as Jacob Green (aged 11) and Roy Allen (aged 90) both played on this occasion. Although not on the same rink they were certainly a valued asset to their particular teams. Warwickshire came out on top winning by just 6 shots 99-93.

Ladies County President Mary Wheildon with Roy Allen aged 90 and Jacob Green aged 11 proving bowls is a game for all ages

Highest winning rink went to Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Phil Brook (Stratford), David Adnitt (Southam) and Heather Mills (Grange Ladies) who were 6 all at 6 ends but kept plugging away to win 20-11.

Bruce Truman (Rugby Rail) with Pippa Mace (Lillington), Heather Tredgold (Southam) and Michael Jackson (Three Spires) also managed to hold their own coming home with a 17-11 win.

Donna Kerr (Lillington) with Joy Cooke (Blossomfield), Aubrey Brookhouse (Avon), and Margaret Colvin (Snitterfield) were 8 all at 7 ends but managed to pull away enough to finish 18-16.

Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) with Wendy Hobbis (Welford), Vivienne Belt (Sherwood Park) and Mark Sylvester (Wellesbourne) were fairly evenly matched for most of the game and drawing 11 all at 17 ends with just one end to play but unfortunately couldn’t keep the shot and lost 11-12.

Highest winning rink v Gloucs - Heather Mills, Phil Brook, Jenny Corn and David Adnitt

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with Mary Wheildon (WWBA President), Peter Vale-Humphreys (WCBA President) and Jacob Green (Wellesbourne) were also fairly well matched with their opponents for most of the game but despite 4 shots on the penultimate end weren’t able to take advantage and lost 16-20.

Geoff Moran (Avenue Leamington) with Di Wilkinson (Stoke), Jenny Wickens (RLS) and Nigel Hewitson (Rugby Rail) were 11-12 at 10 ends but their opponents took the advantage and the home team lost 17-23.