Incredible five titles for Thornfield bowler on club finals day

Success for Colin Hall winning the silverware in all five of his finals

Rugby' s Thornfield outdoor bowls club held their finals under an overcast sky, but the rain never materialised, writes Keith Oakes.

First game of the day was Colin Hall & Tom Duggins playing opponents Tina Gray & Mark Noble in the open pairs. After losing the first 2 ends, 0-2, Colin & Tom came back with a 4,3,1. At 7 ends the score was 8-4 and by the 13th, Colin & Tom were 17-8. After another 4 ends the score being 23-10, Tina & Mark conceded giving Colin & Tom the title.

At the same time, a mixed pairs game between Pat Lowe & Henry Neal and Yvonne Bromfield & David Farmer took place. Fairly even up to 9 ends 5-8, then Yvonne & David started to increase momentum and by 15 ends were 6-18 up, the end in site at 17 ends with a score of 9-21, Pat & Henry conceded.

The second game for both Colin Hall and Henry Neal was the Championship Singles. Even after 4 ends, Colin started to pull away and at 10 ends 8-4. Taking control of the game, Colin scored on every end reaching the 21 shots required at 17 ends.

The Ladies Championship Singles was the second game contested by Tina Gray and Pat Lowe. In the early stages although shots were even the lead changed a few times until at the 10th, a 3 put Pat 7-11 in front. Although Tina kept up with single shots, at 19 ends she dropped a 4 which gave Pat a 12-20 lead and gaining the required single shot on the 21st end making her the Championship winner, 21 shots to 13.

Becky Lever & Maureen Edwards versus Christine Harding & Yvonne Bromfield were again fairly even in the early stages and at 10 ends, Becky & Maureen lead 9-6. Scoring a further 10 shots to 1 over the next 6 ends, and at 15 ends were leading 19-7 they eventually took the Ladies Pairs title 21-12.

Colin Hall was back in action again in the Men’s Handicap starting off scratch whilst his opponent, President John Kilsby starts with an advantage of 6 shots. Could John kerb Colin’s run of wins? After 7 ends, John stayed just in front at 10-7 but then Colin took a 4 and a 2 to John two 1’s giving Colin a 13-12 lead. Taking 8 shots to 1 over the next 7 ends, Colin achieved the 21 shots required for title number three ending 21-13.

The Ladies Handicap saw Tina Gray (her third game) with a 3-shot start against Maureen Edwards, and it seemed that Tina would need those shots as she went down 5-10 after 5 ends, 6-13 after 8 ends but then a big change of fortune or was it improved bowling skills. Tina scored on all but one end to level the shots at 14 each on 14 ends, a further 4 shots on both the 15th and 16th ends gave Tina the Ladies Handicap title 22-14.

The Clive White trophy is played for by bowlers who have not previously won this competition. David Farmer played Clive Hands and took an early lead of 5-2 at 5 ends but Clive came back to level at 6 all on 9 ends. David increased his lead over the next 8 ends to 19-8, then Clive picked up a 2 on the 18th but he couldn’t stop David from getting those 2 shots needed to finish 21-10 and his second title of the day.

Colin’s fourth game of the day was with partner Colin Loveitt in the men’s pairs against Brian Webber & Tom Duggins. The latter pairing started off well 1-5 at 4 ends, 3-6 at 6 ends but then disaster dropping 12 shots in 4 ends. Although gaining 2 more shots, Colin & Colin amassed another 9 shots making the score 24-8 to claim the title and number 4 for Mr Hall.

In the ladies 2 wood singles, Tina Gray played Christine Harding and started very well, taking the score to 13-2 on 10 ends. Christine pulled back 5 shots, but Tina gained 6 shots and at 17 ends with the score being 19-7, Christine conceded the game. This was Tina’s second title.

Colin Hall, played his final game, the men’s 2 wood competition, again against Henry Neal. A steady start for Colin, picking up more 2 shots than Henry, soon had the score 9-4 after 9 ends. Henry gained a few singles, but Colin took the score to 17-8 with 4 x 2s and with only 4 ends to play, Henry conceded, resulting in a fifth title for Mr Hall.