Warwickshire bowlers celebrate another Middle England win

Victory for County ladies over Northamptonshire

Highest winning rink- Sue Hornsby, Donna Kerr, Liz Wooding and Di Medhurst

Report: Jenny Corn Photographs: Carol Norton

Warwickshire Celebrate another MEL Win

The last of the Middle England League games against Northamptonshire was another resounding success for Warwickshire as they took the honours 140-106, winning on four of the six rinks giving them 13-4 points in the league table.

Mary Wheildon, Jayne Henfrey and Christine Harding

Winning rink went to Sue Hornsby with Donna Kerr (both Lillington), Liz Wooding (Avenue Coventry) and Di Medhurst (Stoke) who lost 3 points on the first end but after that never looked back as they soared to a 35-8 win.

Yvonne Pick (Welford) with Dawn Horne, Jenny Wickens and Janice White (all RLS) were 7 shots down after the first two ends but 5 shots on the 4th end lifted their spirits and they too never looked back as they went on to win 26-15.

Moira Parsons with Wendy Holloway (both Welford), Sharon Keal (Snitterfield) and Heather Mills (Grange Ladies) were in control throughout and eventually finished 24-14.

Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Lynne Innes (Stratford), Sigrid Thomas (Rugby Thornfield) and Elaine Taylor (Stoke) were level 8 all at 10 ends but managed to pull away in the second half to win 24-16.

Debbie Bloxham, Aleen Shuttleworth and Pippa Mace

Chris Cooke (Southam) with Christine Harding (Rugby Thornfield), Jayne Henfrey (Lillington) and Mary Wheildon (Warwick Boat Club) weren’t so fortunate losing 13-24.

Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) with Pippa Mace (Lillington), Aleen Shuttleworth ( Stoke) and Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry) picked up 6 shots on the second end but weren’t able to retain the momentum and a come back later in the game wasn’t sufficient to prevent them trailing 18-29.