ROUNDERS: Mixed charity tournament

No winners or losers, just a lot of fun!

Players at the mixed charity tournament last month
Players at the mixed charity tournament last month

A mixed rounders charity tournament took place last Sunday at Spring Hill on Barby Road.

Lady players from the Rugby league supported the event well and the male contingent were made up of husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers friends and work mates.

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As a charity event there were no winners or losers, with each of the seven teams playing four games.

All matches were closely contested usually only half a rounder separating the teams. The only team to win all four games were the Mad Batters.

Prizes went to Tom from Mad Batters for the highest scoring man and Angie from O’Legs took the prize as the highest scoring lady.

There were a number of notable catches particularly from Lynne Phipps, Linda Miller and Ben Walker, but the prize was eventually given to Julie Carter for an excellent outfield catch.

A final commiseration gift was given to Nic Marsh for an off the ball incident when a fielder collided with her.

An excellent day, thank you to everyone who took part and made the day so enjoyable. The event raised about £150 which will be donated to Myton Hospice.

Results of matches Thursday (19th) were wins for Pilgrims scoring 11.5 against O’Legs who scored 8. Players of the match were Cara Guestmore (Pilgrims) and Eloise Sutton (O’Legs).

The second game was won by Mad Batters who scored 20.5 against the Bat Girls who scored 3. Players of their match were Theresa Cottingham (Mad Batters) and Natalie Johnson (Bat Girls).

Another good evening of rounders took place last Thursday (26th). Schools Out continued their winning ways, although they were pushed to a second innings by Oakley. The first innings involved lots of excellent catches from both sides and only 3.5 rounders separated the sides. Oakley started the second innings and Yvonne Walker continued her good display of hitting scoring 5 rounders in total. Unfortunately the team could only set a target of 4 rounders for Schools Out to achieve for victory. Half rounders gradually mounted up with few players out, and the target was reached and the team declared. Players of the match were Jess masters (Schools Out) and Abi Thornton (Oakley).

Cool Running had a very disappointing first innings, only scoring 1.5 against Pilgrims. With Pilgrims scoring 14 rounders, Cool Running had a huge task ahead. Megan Bliss put the team well on the way scoring 6.5 rounders, but the whole team could only manage 10 rounders total. Players of the match were Megan Bliss (Cool Running) and Kay Pittaway (Pilgrims).

The final game was particularly low scoring, Mad Batters only scoring 1 rounder, but then Oddballs could only respond with 3 rounders. The second innings, Mad Batters improved their score but Oddballs had only to score more than one rounders for victory. They did manage this, and then declared. Players of the match were Jill Talbot (Mad Batters) and Tracey Lewis (Oddballs).