Rugby Lions withdraw from league while new era takes shape

Owner David Owen ready to hand over the reins

Looking back to a memorable day for Lions celebrating promotion in April 2017 - and supporters will be hoping there will be many more to come

Rugby Lions won't be playing competitive rugby this season - but there is a new era for the club on the horizon with hope and determination to be back in action next year.

After the 18-month enforced lay-off because of the pandemic fans had been looking forward to cheering on the Lions again, but there will be no RFU Midlands 1 East campaign.

In the meantime the club’s other teams, Lionesses, minis and juniors are still going strong while the transition takes shape.

The Webb Ellis Road club is at a crossroads with long-standing owner David Owen wishing to hand over the reins and while this happens Lions have put first team commitments on hold.

Just before the start of the new season, Lions initially asked to postpone their first two league games, but have since requested to extend this to not only this weekend’s scheduled trip to Kettering but to withdraw from the entire season, allowing time to regenerate.

There have been two well-attended meetings in the last month for all those involved with the club, the most recent update held last Wednesday to discuss ideas and proposals for the future direction.

The way ahead is most likely to be members taking over the running, with various options including the formation of a Community Amateur Sports Club, which would be operated by the volunteers on traditional club lines.

With enough support to run the club, it is hoped the playing side will start recruiting ready for next season.