SELF DEFENCE: Free class for ladies tomorrow

Sensei Malcolm BaleSensei Malcolm Bale
Sensei Malcolm Bale
Learn easy targeting and striking techniques

Sensei Malcolm Bale from Ju Jitsu Rugby, a Pride of Rugby Finalist in the 2016 Educator of the Year category is offering a free self defence class for ladies at Newbold Rugby Football Club, this Saturday (April 30) at 10am until 12noon.

The course is designed to teach ladies very easy targeting and striking techniques which will give them invaluable skills and confidence in the event of an attack.

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The session is open to ladies of all ages and anyone who is capable of performing simple body movements will be able to participate.

Sign up through the website: and click on the Women’s Self Defence link where you will be asked to complete registration. Don’t worry if you can’t make it this Saturday, there will be other courses throughout the year and by leaving your contact details, you will be invited to the next one.