SPEEDWAY: Bees racing at Peterborough on Sunday

Alan GoodmanAlan Goodman
Alan Goodman
By Alan Goodman

Coventry Bees may not be in the league this year but they intend not to be forgotten by taking part in a series of challenge matches on other tracks.

In fact they become one of the first teams in action when they go to Peterborough for a challenge on Sunday (March 19).

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This match has always been on the cards and was intended to be an inter-league challenge. It is hoped that any money raised will go to the Bees’ riders who are without a track.

One change to the original is the start time that has been brought forward to 12noon.

It is hoped that the usual army of travelling Bees fans will attend.

Following on, it has been announced that Wolverhampton will be taking on the Bees on Monday, April 10.

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Bees were scheduled to go for a league match but with the date now vacant it made sense for them to still ride. Wolves promoter Chris Van Straaten has agreed to make a significant donation to Coventry rider’s hardship fund.

It is hoped that other tracks will follow suit and it is rumoured that Swindon will be the next.