Adult puppet show explores genital origami - and you're invited!

Puppetry Of The Penis has now played to most of the Western World, having been hosted in over 35 countries and performed in six languages.

See Puppetry of the Penis at Bedworth Civic Hall.
See Puppetry of the Penis at Bedworth Civic Hall.
See Puppetry of the Penis at Bedworth Civic Hall.

Two near naked men (they wear shoes) manipulate their nether regions using the Ancient Art of Genital Origami, providing the audience with a hilarious array of shapes and impersonations which will be projected onto

a huge video screen.

Touring with this show will be the creator and original cast member, Simon Morley.

He has

appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Howard Stern, and countless other shows around the world. He has preformed to the likes of Elton John, Madonna, the Spice Girls,

David Beckham, Bono, Carrie Fisher and Amy Schumer to name a few.

This latest incarnation comes fresh from sin city itself, Las Vegas, where the show has

been thrilling audiences for the last year.

This show will feature all of your favourites,

including the Eiffel Tower, the Lochness Monster, the Pelican and of course, the iconic

Hamburger, but will also include a host of new installations, such as Miley Cyrus, Yoda,

and the Kardashian, that promise to rock you into hilarious fits of laughter.

See Puppetry Of The Penis at Bedworth Civic Hall on Friday, April 8.

Tickets are £20, concession £10, group of ten or more £15.

Telephone 024 7637 6707 to reserve your tickets.