Console Corner: Destiny 2 review

Destiny 2 is a triumph and well worth the waitDestiny 2 is a triumph and well worth the wait
Destiny 2 is a triumph and well worth the wait
Destined to be game of the year.

After the runaway success of the first game, could Destiny 2 live up to the hype and carry the weight of expectation?

Well in short the long awaited sequel from Bungie has arrived and hits the ground running.

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Although not as long as most the main campaign has plenty to offer and will see you travel from planet to planet in order to save your world from destruction.

Aside from the campaign there are plenty of side missions which earn you upgraded gear and faction rewards and it all blends seamlessly with the main story.

Once completed, the campaign will you see around the level cap (20) and this is where the game really begins.

Join or create a clan and take your fireteam on various strikes, events and raids or pit your wits and teamwork skills against other players in the crucible.

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Your rewards from completing missions and achievements remain current and you won’t find yourself constantly dismantling gear as it’s no use.

I think the great beauty of Destiny 2 is the effort to reward dynamic. It will keep on giving the more you put in and for this reason alone it really is hard to fault it.

If I were to find a negative it is the constant need for online connectivity which can be an issue but it is a sign of the times and world we live in where web connectivity is taken as a given.

But that is a small issue and Destiny 2 succeeds where the original failed in being less repetitive and more accessible whether playing solo, the excellent co-op or as a group.

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The sense of teamwork is incredibly rewarding and just playing in groups is a real triumph.

Just when you think you might be starting to tire of it, Destiny 2 pulls you back in with more carrot than stick incentivisation.

There are exciting times ahead for Destiny fans and Bungie is once again producing the goods as promised.