Console Corner: Injustice 2 review

No sense of Injustice here.

Six years ago NetherRealm started something with it’s reboot of the classic fighting game Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2 is a continuation of their brilliant work.

Mortal Kombat and the DC Universe games have huge popularity so a new release is always privy to intense scrutiny.

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The pressure is particularly high given that NetherRealm has been on such a magnificent run of form to use a footballing parlance.

But rest assured Injustice 2 - which was released on Tuesday - comes one step closer to perfection.

There is just so much going on here. I played it for around 12 hours before writing this review and I got the feeling I only really scratched the surface.

It looks and feels superb, as you would expect, but the most important aspect, the fighting mechanics, is where it shines once again.

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Fast, fluid and with plenty of depth but also easy for newcomers to pick up and play and pull off special moves, Injustice 2 has it all.

And that’s before you even take a look at the huge roster which will stretch to more than 39 characters including those available as DLC.

Mortal Kombat is represented by Sub Zero and word is more could follow down the line. An important addition in the new game is ‘gear’ which means the gamer can heavily personalise their hero or villain both in terms of stats and looks with elaborate costume upgrades for the first time.

I cannot emphasise enough just how slick Injustice 2 is and it really does reset the bar for the fighting genre.

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The superb story mode cinematics - take note Capcom for the next Street Fighter - is genuinely engaging rather than an annoyance.

Everyone has their favourites but the story mode and ability to craft characters really does push you to explore and experiment with the roster.

My only minor beef was the somewhat complex currency system in the gear management but with time and perhaps a tweak this will not interfere with the overall experience. Superb.

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