Cast are set for Leamington gig

FOOTBALL supporters who remember England’s exit from Euro 96 should be familiar with Cast’s Walkaway.

The BBC used the bittersweet anthem, synonymous with life’s let-downs and brave sporting disappointments, to close its television coverage after Germany had again knocked the Three Lions out of a major tournament in a penalty shootout.

John Power, the Liverpudlian indie band’s singer-songwriter and driving force, proudly regards the song as one of several seminal tracks on Cast’s 1995 hit album All Change.

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Speaking to the Courier, Power expressed great fondness of the band’s heyday album and was “buzzing” about their recent reunion which has included the release of a new album and a subsequent UK tour on which they will play at The Assembly in Leamington on Sunday.

“We’ve rediscovered the love for what we do and the new album makes us current,” said Power. It’s also given us a new energy for the older songs.

“I wouldn’t have reformed the band if we were just going to be nostalgic and I didn’t want to be part of a parody.

“I’m really happy, we’ve gone from the start of the writing process three years ago to making a new Cast album and getting the band back together and I’m really proud of that.”

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Formed in 1993, Cast played a part in the Brit-pop boom in the middle of that decade with hits such as Sandstorm, Alright and Finetime.

Both All Change and their second album, Mother Nature Calls, went platinum in the UK while Magic Hour, their third release, peaked at number six in the album chart.

But by 2001 the band’s commercial popularity was waning and internal differences led to their split.

Power said there is now a freshness to their approach which is reflected in Troubled Times, their latest release.

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He added: “It’s very much in the present day and what’s there when I look out the window, turn the radio on or read the paper.

“I’ve plugged into the artery of what’s going on around the world but there’s also some love songs on there which were written on a personal and collective level. It’s an expression of the times.”

Troubled Times was first released as a download through Pledgemusic, a site on which fans directly contribute to a musician or band’s forthcoming recordings or projects.

Despite admitting he is not a massive fan of new technology, Power said Cast are keen to reconnect with their existing fan base.

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He said: “It’s not about us trying to be superstars, we’re just a dead good band with some great old songs and some good new material and we want to go out there and share that with people.”

For tickets call 311311 or visit

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