Next generation artists’ showcase

EXPRESSIVE art students at Myton School showcased their best efforts at a well-attended end-of-year show on Tuesday.

More than 100 pupils taking A-level and GCSE art courses at the school took part in the exhibition, while a few selected year ten pupils’ work was also on display.

Head of art Scott Meredith said: “We had everything, ranging from pantings to printmaking to 3D and installation work.

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“We try to provide very open-ended courses which allow the students to explore their own ideas and themes.

“A lot of their work is very personal. They work on their own social situations so they can really express themselves.”

Winners of the Myton School Visitor Award, voted by members of the public, were, in first place AS level student Jess Smith, second place GCSE pupil Amber Prescott and in third place Tanya Basi, who is also taking her AS levels.

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