Quirky Southam school drama a take on classic fairytale

WOLVES who are fed up of the recession are forced to spill the beans of their kidnap plot by a lie-detecting genie in a quirky show being performed by Southam College pupils.

Some 50 children spanning from across years seven to 11 are taking part in the school’s production of Andrew Manners’ Scarlett and The Desperately Wickedly Wolves next week.

Based on the well-known tale of Little Red Riding Hood, this inventive plot centres on Scarlett, a teenage girl, and a group of wolves who have entered the story from other fairy tales most of us are familiar with. Fed up with the recession, they hatch a plot to make some money by kidnapping Scarlett.

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Among those helping with efforts to try to find her is a genie - but, unlike most genies, he cannot grant wishes. What he can do is compel others to tell the truth. Which comes in handy when the police are interrogating the wolves.

Jessica Ferguson, the school’s head of drama, said: “Our drama department is really growing. This is a challenging piece with a large cast.We are merging with the music department and have included our own songs to modernise the feel of the play and add a bit of fun.”

Pupils at the school have been so enthusiastic about taking part in the show that many of those in year 11 who have just finished sitting their GCSE exams have taken out time to attend rehearsals and are coming back to the school to perform.

Ms Ferguson said: “You always feel nerves when the show date is near, but it’s all coming together and we’re really excited about it.

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“We have a lot of students who are very shy but are now coming out of their shells - really pushing it and learning what the community spirit is about. It’s so lovely to see and it’s lovely to be able to give them that memorable experience that school is all about.”

Scarlett and The Desperately Wicked Wolves will be at Southam College in Welsh Road West on Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm.

For tickets, call 812560.

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