The South aim to score a perfect ten at Leamington gig

AFTER 20 years, ten albums, five greatest hits, and 15 million record sales, when time was called on The Beautiful South in 2008, not everyone was ready to step down.

Dave Hemingway and Alison Wheeler, lead singers with the band – along with departed songwriter Paul Heaton – had lost none of their enthusiasm for performing and so The South was formed and will arrive in Leamington tonight (Thursday).

Joining the duo were fellow mainstays from the original band - keyboards player Damon Butcher and the horn section of Gaz Birtles and Tony Robinson.

The band will perform new songs, but will throw in old Beautiful South classics such as Perfect Ten, Rotterdam, Don’t Marry Her and Song For Whoever.

Dave Hemingway knows that fans who come to The South shows treasure the songs that the band recorded and feels a real responsibility to ensure a great night out.

He said: “Now that we are recording and performing our new songs in amongst old hits, we realise that the standard has to be so high, so there’s some serious quality control in place.

Alison Wheeler, who considers herself as “surrogate mum to the band”, added: “I still get that excitement that comes with a show – whether it’s opening for Robbie Williams in front of 90,000 people or playing a theatre show.

“We continue to perform and play the songs because we love it; we don’t want to stop – and why should we?”

“The fans still make the pilgrimage. Visually we look pretty much the same on stage and of course the music still sounds fantastic.

“I wouldn’t do anything else if given the choice.”

The band will play at the Leamington Assembly tonight.

For tickets and more information call 311311 or go online.