Councillor's fight to convert Castle Pavilion goes on

The Castle Pavilion in Castle HillThe Castle Pavilion in Castle Hill
The Castle Pavilion in Castle Hill
A county councillor's fight to convert the Castle Pavilion in Kenilworth goes on after he launched an appeal against its refusal.

Cllr Alan Cockburn, who owns the pavilion in Castle Hill, would like the stable to be converted into a three-bedroom house, but the plans were refused in May by Warwick District Council’s planning committee.

Members thought the space around the house would be too tight and there would not be enough room for parked cars and storage bin space if conversion was allowed.

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But this view has been challenged in the appeal, claiming the benefits outweigh the possible harm.

In the appeal document, it said: “There is a pressing need for additional housing within Warwick district with the district council unable to demonstrate the required five year housing supply.

Proposals for new housing should therefore be supported unless any adverse impacts would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.”

The building has had nine planning applications refused since 1990 due to its closeness to the Brays, part of Kenilworth Castle.