Commissioner is no job for failed politician

I was somewhat dismayed to see that our ex-MP James Plaskitt wants to become a police commissioner for this area.

The police are far too valuable a service to be directed or influenced by a political hack. There does seem to be an unfortunate trend to keep recycling “public sector retreads” into these type of posts, (jobs which are of doubtful or dubious value anyway).

Surely if, as seems certain, the police are to face large budget cuts, then a commissioner with some commercial experience, especially of “managing change” would be the wiser choice.

James Plaskitt does not appear to have any relevant experience that I can see. Any member of the last Government must be suspect after the unholy financial mess they left us all in.

To my mind this job needs someone with management experience gained in a fairly large organisation, possibly a retiree from a larger police force or the armed forces even, but emphatically not a failed politician. - David Brown, Sandown Close, Lillington.

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