I declare the count a shambles

I’m proud to tell people I’m from Warwick and Leamington. Most people I know feel the same. However, last Friday morning I was embarrassed. Embarrassed because Warwick District Council was the 649th out of 650 constituencies to declare its General Election result. Sixteen hours! You can perhaps understand the reasons for the delay in St Ives (which came 650th) because they have to fly ballot boxes in from the Isles of Scilly. What’s the excuse in Warwick and Leamington?

The way in which the district council handled the count was utterly shambolic. David Cameron returned to Downing Street as Prime Minister before we knew the result in Warwick and Leamington! If this was the first time, it would be one thing – but it’s election after election. It’s just not good enough and we deserve better.

I have therefore written to the Electoral Commission asking them as a matter of urgency to investigate what happened locally and why the count took so long. It’s time for the Council to get its act together.

Ben Wesson, Wasdale Close, Leamington