Loss of music section is retrograde step

This week I went to Warwick library to look for a piece of music, as I have done many times before. I then found that the library has been resited to the main County Hall. I went to the rather small area and asked a lady where the music was.

She told me that there is now no music at Warwick, it has all been moved to Nuneaton, about the farthest north of the county. In the past there has always been about ten rows of shelves containing music of all types, including many varied instrumental items, together with a large “backroom” stock of musical scores of which multiple copies could be borrowed.

I then tried to access the computer library catalogue to order some music, which in the past has been sent from the holding library and delivered to the library from which you made the request. I was unable to get any response for music.

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Today I tried Leamington library with the same result. They now have one single shelf of music. This seems to be a very retrograde move, as many people have neither the time or transport to travel to Nuneaton. - Reg Cox, via email.

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