New road layout is potentially dangerous

I refer to the recent road changes currently going on in Jury Street/High Street, Warwick. I have a background of many years in dealing with traffic management matters including the investigation ofmultiple fatal road traffic collisions.

In my opinion the new road layout is a death waiting to happen.

Recently I witnessed a severely disabled elderly man, who could only walk at a shuffle, with his companion, also disabled, trying to cross the road outside the Warwick Arms Hotel. It was obvious that they were very nervous and struggling to cope with the situation of very heavy traffic, roadworks and a new road layout.

Luckily a very kind lady came to the rescue and helped them by stopping the traffic one lane at a time. The first vehicle, a large 4x4 stopped and let the couple to the middle of the road whereupon a lorry coming in the opposite direction almost failed to stop in time. The couple made it across and the lady samaritan thanked the 4x4 driver for their courtesy.

There would appear to be no legal right of way across Jury Street or High Sreet now that the old pedestrian crossing has been removed and replaced by raised sections of roadway that only act to slow traffic rather than oblige drivers to give presedence to pedestrians. The only notices on the road are ones statng “20mph liable to skidding”.

I am willing to give evidence at the coroners court when the first death occurs due to a lack of duty of care by the council. - David Brown, Warwick, via email.

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