Barford residents and campaigners continue to fight against quarry plans

Residents in Barford say they are now more determined than ever to stop plans for a nearby quarry following the release of a document by Smiths Concrete – who hoped its publication will ‘allay residents’ fears’.

The protest held during the pre-application meetings by Smiths Concrete in Barford. Photo supplied
The protest held during the pre-application meetings by Smiths Concrete in Barford. Photo supplied

On July 19, Warwickshire County Council adopted its new Mineral Plan, which includes the site at Wasperton Farm, 350 metres from Barford, and is intended to provide minerals for building across Warwickshire.

Campaigners, who have been trying to stop these plans for seven years, were outraged by this decision.

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More information released on proposals for new sand and gravel quarry near Barfo...

Last week, Smiths Concrete, who is behind the quarry plans, developed a ‘response document’ providing further information on the scheme.

The company says the document responds to queries about the proposals for a new sand and gravel quarry at Wasperton Farm and addresses the topics issues raised by people at its pre-application consultation, including silica dust, ecology, restoration and environmental impact.

Following the release of the brochure, the Sand and Gravel Committee, which includes campaigners, organised three meetings in Barford and Wasperton to allow residents to discuss the brochure.

The committee said the overwhelming opinion of residents after the meetings was that they would try to stop the quarry from going ahead.

Residents and the committee said they wish to stop the quarry for several reasons, including that there is no need for the site and that other sites initially proposed in the county council’s mineral plan were not as close to large communities.

Other reasons included: the risk of inhaling silica particles, concerns about air pollution from the lorries going in and out of the site, concerns that the site will never be as fertile again after the quarry work stops and noise and light pollution.

Malcolm Eykyn, one of the committee members, said, “We cannot lie down after six years of vigorous campaigning and let this quarry damage our lives.

"Smith’s Concrete will profit from this scheme for years to come.

"They will protect their workers’ health to comply with HSE regulation while our unprotected residents will face risk to health and loss of amenity for much longer.

"This gross intrusion into our lives is an unjustified and unnecessary invasion into our community by a giant company.”

To view the document from Smith’s Concrete go to: